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Hottest Interior Styles

Several smoking hot interior design styles are popping up in showrooms everywhere. These trends are breathing new life into homes, giving them a unique look that is sure to turn heads.

  • Matte Black and Brushed Gold Fixtures – These colors coordinate well, adding the ideal touch to kitchens, centerpieces, accents, lights, cabinet accessories and much more.
  • Materials – Low maintenance materials, such as porcelain tile and slabs, engineered quartz and other contemporary surfaces give a clean-look to kitchens.
  • Textured Cabinets – Textured kitchen cabinets include two combinations of lacquer, which creates a soft movement the makes kitchens feel homey and less commercial.
  • Brass – Silver fixtures are out and brass fixtures are in. Brass adds warmth to kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Wood Countertops – Adding a wood island countertop or butcher-block cabinet adds warmth to kitchens. Additionally, this is much less expensive than a stone or granite countertop.
  • Focal Points – Opt for an unexpected focal point, such as mixing styles, such as eclectic furnishings, wall coverings, lighting or artwork.
  • Open Kitchens – This year’s trend includes colorful, open kitchens. Upper cabinets are slowly becoming a trend of the past, as open shelving creates an inviting ambiance. Bright kitchens with painted cabinets and colorful backsplashes are among the most popular designs this year.
  • Open Kitchen Walls – Highlighting the beauty of open shelving with tile work or art makes kitchens a welcoming gathering place.
  • Steam Showers – A steam shower requires less square footage than a bathtub and shower combination.
  • Bathroom Jewels – A new trend is turning bathrooms into small oases. This is easy to accomplish with wall coverings, unique vanities and eye-catching light fixtures.
  • Geometric Wallpaper – Layered and blocked wallpaper, as well as seagrass or other natural fibers are rapidly gaining popularity this season.
  • Lighting – Overscale dining room fixtures, including lanterns and chandeliers are excellent for making a significant impact in dining rooms.
  • Lucite – Lucite is classic, functional and durable. Lucite cocktail tables and chairs offer versatile decorating options.
  • Soft Florals – Romantic florals look excellent with large patterned drapery. Wallpaper is also an excellent way to highlight nature’s floral beauty.
  • Brass With White – White with unlaquered brass accents adds a timeless and sophisticated appearance that is sure to impress guests.
  • Architectural Details – Bold architectural details, such as traditional trim and moldings, offers a sleek appearance that makes home details stand out. 

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