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Popular Home Design Trends for 2016

The latest home design trends are popping up in home remodels and new homes nationwide. The most popular designs include incorporating the following:

  • Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets – The most popular cabinet trend features neutral or white upper cabinets and deep color wood lower cabinets. This adds both light and dark tones to kitchens, making it easier to select countertops and style trends.
  • Bring Outdoor Fabrics Indoors – Outdoor fabrics have come a long way and resemble indoor prints, only with the benefit of extra durability. This type of fabric is perfect for living and dining rooms.
  • Colored Stainless Steel – Instead of the shiny silver metal of yesteryear, black stainless steel and bronze stainless steel are rapidly gaining in popularity. They add a unique finish to any modern-day kitchen.
  • Extra Large Tile – Small tile is out and large-format tiles are in. Whether it is for kitchens or bathrooms, these tiles measure nearly 3 feet by 6 feet.
  • Deep Kitchen Drawers – Deep drawers are replacing shallow kitchen spaces. Dividers and inserts make it easy to organize kitchens to accommodate any shape of pan, dish or utensil.
  • Formal Dining Rooms – These are typically desirable for homeowners that entertain frequently.
  • Specialty Appliances – Warming drawers, steam ovens, induction cooktops and kimchi refrigerators are popular for home cooks.
  • Entryway Floors – Heated entryway floors are perfect for cold regions, helping to melt snow and dry boots.
  • Kitchen Islands – Kitchen islands provide additional seating, deep storage, space for dishwashers, sinks and much more.
  • Old-Fashioned Living Rooms – Living rooms that focus on reading, serenity and conversation are becoming more popular, as they draw attention away from digital atmospheres and focus on family time.
  • Living Rooms – Decorating living rooms requires a balance of scale, function and light.
  • Sunrooms – Adding a sunroom to an existing home adds a warm, sun-drenched corner to any home. This nook is perfect for breakfasts, reading or listening to classical music.
  • Bedrooms – Attention grabbing bedrooms are the biggest trend this season. Whether it is adding ceiling features, rustic wood walls or bold paint colors, elevating bedrooms adds warmth and sophistication.
  • Fireplaces and Fire Features – Today’s latest fireplace designs include a wide variety of non-wood burning features, including TV screens with cozy fireplace designs. As an added bonus, there is no pollution or smell.

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