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The Top Secrets of Interior Designers

Interior designers always look to a few selective tricks to help make houses appear larger and more inviting.

  • Pillows – A single pair of pillows lacks luster and comfort. Use a minimum of two pairs of pillows in a variety of textures, patterns and colors for maximum impact and statement.
  • Bed – A bigger bed and headboard actually gives the illusion of a larger bedroom.
  • Cabinets – For homeowners or tenants that have an armoire, interior designers recommend leaving the doors open. Cosmetically this is more interesting than viewing closed doors. Display a collection, liquor bottles, colorful books or entertaining items to maximize guest interaction.
  • Paint Colors – Dark walls make small rooms appear larger.
  • Wallpaper – Wallpaper is easy to apply to unsightly sliding closet doors.
  • Large Collections – Large collections require order or they appear unsightly and unorganized. To bring order to these collections, consider using wall brackets for displays.
  • Bathrooms – Instead of opting for the traditional bathroom mats, opt for a rug. Rugs are designed to withstand more than bath time use and are far more attractive than most traditional bathroom prints.
  • Overrated Sofas – Living rooms do not require sofas, so if chairs and benches are more comfortable, embrace this less-than-traditional style.
  • White – A white living room is always fashionable and never goes out of style. If someone has pets, they may want to consider indoor/outdoor materials.
  • Mixed Styles – A four-poster bed adds warmth to any modern-day bedroom.
  • Lighting – Consider layering lighting with direct light for reading, ambient light for mood, overhead light for convenience and lamps for soft lighting.
  • Throws – Always tuck in sofa throws. For example, fold them in lengthwise, then in half and then drape them over the backside of couches, taking the time to carefully tuck them into cushions. This gives rooms the necessary touch they require to look polished.
  • Traditional Coffee Tables – Traditional coffee tables are outdated. Opt for today’s modern-day ottoman, which offers storage and provides double duty as a tray topper.
  • Grounding – To help “ground” a room, opt for skirted furniture, as other varieties can make a room look unfinished.
  • Gold – Shocking to many, gold accents are back. Gold adds warmth to classic furniture and a mere few accents can easily add the necessary depth to spice up a room.
  • Plants – Adding oxygen and greenery, plants soften up corners and are the perfect accents to any room.
  • Leather – Vinyl or leather are the two indestructible fabrics for dining room chairs.

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